beach cliff

You were not invited to this picnic.

But I will take your hand

lay you down 

and feed you cherries

overly ripe and bursting

deliciously mushy

almost rotten.

Feasting on bittersweet kisses

full of cream and honey

You can close your eyes 

And I will sit beside you.

offering nothing

but salty ground-up stories

Regurgitated memories 

that will only last so long

before you will want a cigarette. 

And then I can dance

naked sunshine

chilling my arms

that were so freshly oiled 

with love.

But you've lost the button on your coat

eaten by the grass

freckled with weeds

Not soft.

So I will sit beside you 

And soothe your aching mind

with sour cherries...

A look of longing patience

mottled and piercing...

We can finally go back.