Passionate about sweetbreads, writing, rosé, branding, and sitting still. Eternally devoted to ethical food systems and my particular brand of feminine feminism. 

My Story

I am a writer with a focus in marketing and public relations. I have grown up in the food and wine industry, so that is where the bulk of my experience has been, but my driving force has always been about telling stories. Not just any kind of stories, mind you-- persuasive, engaging stories that call the reader to action. Stories that make the reader long for something, something that they have always wanted but never quite been able to put their finger on what this something is. I help them figure it out. 

Writing about food, particularly ethically raised and sustainably grown food, is my pet project. Once you have opened your eyes to the horrors of confinement agriculture and the devastation of monoculture farming, it's terribly difficult to ignore what you eat. My multifaceted educational background is oddly demonstrative of my passions-- I studied theology and ethics at University of San Francisco, I'm a Certified Specialist of Wine, and I'm currently pursuing professional certification in grammar and editing at UC Berkeley Extension. 

My clients usually range from restaurants and wineries to food products and organizations and beyond. I long to help you tell your story to the world, and am available to assist with branding, copywriting, media relations, digital marketing and social media, or anything else you need to help tell your story. I work with a small, talented team of graphic designers, photographers, business consultants, and influencers to make sure your brand gets the recognition it so honestly deserves. 

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